Customer Success Engineer
Remote (US)
Junior · Full time
Posted 6 months ago

About the Role

We are looking for someone with strong technical and communication skills to join the team as a Customer Success Engineer. You will work with Zeet customers, usually in a post-sales situation, to help them on the technical implementation and deployment of their AWS services on Zeet. Ultimately we want you to help Zeet customers reach a “happy state”. At times this may require giving Zeet demos to developers and cloud engineers, investigating technical issues teams are having, documenting common customer onboarding patterns, and being an internal advocate for customers with our own engineers.

This is a customer-facing role and you’ll have a visible impact on the business and product by working with Zeet customers. This role might be a fit for you if your career goals are to work as a Customer Success Engineer, Sales Engineer, Support Engineer, or Technical Account Manager.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience with modern cloud environments like AWS or GCP
  • Is empathetic to the problems of early developers, can guide people to the right answers thoughtfully and with kindness
  • Is innately curious about ways Zeet can be used and how our customers are trying to use it
  • Thrives in a small team environment, working closely with customer and engineers
  • Has experience debugging & deploying applications (esp. on an app platform like Heroku or Render)
  • Software development skills (e.g. has put NextJS, Flask, Express apps into production)
  • Ability to debug issues at various levels of the stack (e.g. “localhost” vs “”, understand how env vars work)
  • Has a desire to learn new technologies and customer use-cases
  • Is enthusiastic about cloud, startups, and technology
  • Is fluent in writing and speaking English
  • This could be a great role for someone who loves talking to customers, and who wants more experience diving into solving complicated technical problems. It could also be a great role for someone with a few years of support experience who wants to expand into a developer role eventually.

🤯 Bonus Points**:**

  • Early-stage tech startup experience
  • Experience with analytics tooling such as SQL, Metabase, Grafana, Prometheus, Google Analytics
  • Understand DevOps/SRE process and pain points
  • Has built tools/automations for CI/CD deployment processes
  • Familiar with common stacks (e.g. MERN, Jamstack, Django) and databases (e.g. Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)

What you’ll do:

  • Help Zeet customers get their projects deployed successfully! You’ll be the “implementation specialist” for Zeet customers, advising customers on how best to use Zeet to reach their desired architecture
  • Keep customers in a happy state by investigating and proactively debugging technical issues, escalating to engineering when needed, and educating customers about how the Zeet product works
  • Help refine our onboarding techniques and document customer patterns, including common use cases by industry or technology
  • Help us make technical documentation to address recurring questions
  • Partner with team members on customer calls to learn about customer needs and participate in demos
  • Your impact will be on customer satisfaction, new customers, and customer renewals

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