Decentralized Engineer
San Francisco
Mid-level · Full time
Posted a year ago

Note: we're an early startup, and roles may change! We love people who are excited about the problems we face and are willing to step outside of their role to solve them :)

👂About the Role

You will be in charge of integrating Zeet with various decentralized platforms. Today, most of the web is hosted through AWS, GCP, or other centralized cloud providers. With the rise of Web3 there are some very interesting decentralized technologies (IPFS, EVM, Akash Net, ICP) powering a new type of application. Zeet's mission is to make cloud compute more accessible to everyone, and that doesn't stop with centralized providers.

This is a more experimental role, and the most vague. To be perfectly honest, we don't yet know how deploying software will change in the Web3 world. Your job is to work with us to figure it out.

⛏️ Projects you might work on:

  • Automatic build/audit pipeline generation for smart contracts
  • Build integration with decentralized compute/storage platforms
  • Integrating user billing systems with on-chain providers

👀 We are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience with modern cloud environment like AWS, GCP, and others
  • Thrives in a small team environment, working closely with customer and engineers
  • Believes in and is passionate about accelerating the future of Web3 (and broadly decentralized) applications
  • Comfortable with smart contract development and decentralized compute platforms

🎓 Within 3 months, you’ll:

  • Learn about Zeet and deeply understand the software deployment landscape
  • Create multiple prototypes for features critical to Web3 deployments
  • Talk to and iterate with key customers, developing solutions together

🤯 Bonus Points:

  • Early-stage tech startup experience
  • Experience with analytics tooling such as SQL, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, Google Analytics
  • Understand DevOps/SRE process and pain points
  • Experience working with multiple blockchains
  • Understand the inner working of EVM and smart contract
  • Experience with Rust or WASM 🦀
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